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Do you want to do great research? We have an opening for a PhD student and for a Postdoc!

Two assistant professor positions at CAISR, Halmstad University
Application deadlines: 13 & 20 October 2019

Sepideh Pashami and Slawomir Nowaczyk were co-organisers of "IoT Streams for Data Driven Predictive Maintenance" at ECML 2019 (The European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases) in Würzburg, Germany. The event was very successful, with over 30 people on the room at almost all time, and close to 50 total participants.

Hassan Nemati presented his doctoral thesis "Data analytics for weak spots detection in smart distribution grids" on April 24, 2019 at Halmstad University.

We have just been granted a new project within Vinnova's FFI programme:

We have now finalised our annual report for 2018... please take a look :)

After a 72-hour hackathon arranged by Volvo, a group from Halmstad University won the Best Build Team award with its smartphone prototype app Intelligent Probe.

We have now finalised our annual report for 2017... please take a look :)

Our iMedA project has been mentioned on SVT news:

CAISR is looking for a new Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Data Mining.

The post is for two years, with starting date as soon as possible.

Deadline for applications is 2018-01-21

CAISR is looking for two Assistant Professors in the field of Data Mining.

Those posts are for four years (two+two), with starting date as soon as possible.

Deadline for applications is 2017-10-31

Thomas Rosenstatter gets SAIS Best AI Master’s Thesis Award 2017 for “Modelling the Level of Trust in a Cooperative Automated Vehicle Control System” thesis, done at CAISR.

Annual report for CAISR has been published

We are looking for two postdoctoral researchers related to Data Mining, in connection with several projects together with our industrial partners, to start as soon as possible. Deadline for applications is 30th of November.

We are hiring a new PhD student in movement analysis. Deadline September 11, 2016.

We are looking for four PhD candidates related to Data Mining, in connection with several projects together with our industrial and healthcare partners, to start in September or as soon as possible. Deadline for applications is 15th of June.

CAISR Annual report for 2015 has now been published. You may find it at

Submissions of Halmstad University to the BTAS Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Competition (CROSS-EYED 2016) ranked 1st in the periocular modality.

Halmstad University has made available a new software code for iris segmentation based on the Generalized Structure Tensor (GST)

Best Paper Award to Master Student Andreas Ranftl at the 14th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG) in Darmstadt (Germany) for the paper "Face Tracking Using Optical Flow: Development of a Real-Time AdaBoost Cascade Face Tracker"

It is our great pleasure to announce the Halmstad Colloquium talk by Professor Enrique Alba from University of Málaga. The talk will take place on 4th of June at 13:15 in Wigforssalen. The title of the talk is Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities.

The annual report for 2014 is available for download.

Post doctoral researcher in information technology with a focus on data mining

Halmstad University has made available a new repository of iris segmentation ground truth

The annual report for 2013 is available for download.

The submission of Halmstad University to the First ICB Competition on Iris Recognition (ICIR2013) has obtained the second position.

Bringing researchers and companies together to discuss new research tracks and collaboration opportunities applied to smart grids.

Outreach activity aimed at getting middle school and high school students interested in Science and Engineering

The industrial workshop took place on the 5th of February at the trade centre conference rooms. The goal was to discuss current progress and projects with our industrial partners.

In the process, several interesting new ideas for current, as well as future projects emerged. Especially the poster session saw fruitful discussions.

Additionally, we would like to thank all those involved for making the event a social success as well!

PhD winter conference will provide an opportunity for PhD students to present ongoing research in a collaborative environment. Participants will be able to share their research ideas and results, and receive constructive feedback from their peers as well as senior researchers. It will also be a valuable networking opportunity.

Saeed Gholami Shahbandi has recently joined ISLAB/CAISR. He did his master education at École Central de Nantes, Nantes, France. He will work in the CAISR/AIMS-project. We wish him a very warm welcome and every success in his studies.

On August 20, Karl Iagnemma ( ) from the Robotic Mobility Group visited CAISR. Karl will be a guest professor in our lab in 2013.

Jens successfully defended his licentiate thesis today (11th of June, 2012).

Congratulations to Jens.

On Friday, 1st of June, Master students associated with IS-lab will give final presentation of their projects. This will take place in Wigforssalen between 14:00 and 17:00.

Three PhD student positions open with islab/CAISR.

Next Generation Test Methods for Active Safety Functions kickoff meeting

CAISR, the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research, is a long-term research program on intelligent systems established by Halmstad University. The program is funded by the University and the Knowledge Foundation ( with support from Swedish Industry.

The title of the talk is Analysis of locomotion in real world condition using body worn sensors: new perspectives in objective clinimetry

The defense will take place in Halmstad at 10.00. The faculty opponent is Prof. Kamiar Aminian from EPFL.

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