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"TROLL": a regenerating robot +regenerative robot, self-detection/body schema, anomaly/fault detection, self-healing/augmentation  +


A decision support system for reducing false alarms in ICU +Machine learning, Biomedical signal processing, Clinical decision support, Temporal data analysis  +
A study about the future and usability of Bio-electronic “smart” implants in humans +Biohack, wetware, health, diagnosis, payment, credit card, nfc, mifare  +
AI Enabled Service Market Logistics +AI, Machine Learning, Data Science  +
Activity monitoring for AAL +Ambient assisted living, activity monitoring, activity recognition, tracking and localization, sensors, mobile robot  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Rigid-body dynamics, Acumen, Cyber-Physical System  +
Adaptive warning field system +3D perception, mapping,  +
Agent and object detection and classification in a warehouse setting +Robot perception, feature extraction, machine learning, classification  +
Analysing Engine Performance based on Vehicle Data +Data Mining  +
Analyzing Human Motion using Inertial Sensors +inertial sensors, gait  +
Anomaly ranking of District Heating Substations +anomaly detection, self monitoring, data mining, learnin-to-rank  +
Article Identification for Inventory List in a Warehouse Environment +image segmentation, object recognition, classification, computer vision  +
Assistance-seeking strategy for a flying robot during a healthcare emergency response +robot, healthcare, awareness, helpfulness detection  +
Automatic Machine Learning (AUTO-AUTO-ENCODER!) +Deep learning, autoencoder, meta learning, AutoML  +


Barcode mapping in warehouses +Barcode, Inventory, Mapping  +
Behaviour Recognition for automated cars +driver behavior, feature selection, prediction  +
Behaviour modeling and classification of vehicles at a roundabout +Behaviour modeling, lidar  +
Biases in electronic health records +Machine Learning, Electronic health records, Sample bias  +


Comprehending low-dimensional manifolds of temporal data from the home +Visualization, Dimensionality Reduction, Manifold learning  +
Consensus clustering for categorizing orthogonal vehicle operations +Data Mining, Machine Learning, Clustering, Unsupervised learning, knowledge discovery  +
Constrained dynamic path planning for truck and trailer +dynamic path planning obstacle avoidance  +
Contactless monitoring of blood pressure using photoplethysmography +Photoplethysmography, blood pressure, computer vision, neural networks  +
Courteous robot guide for visitors to an intelligent home +robot, intelligent home, polite, courteous  +
Cross-Spectrum Ocular Identity Recognition via Deep Learning +Deep Learning, Biometrics, Ocular Recognition, Cross-Spectrum  +


Data Mining In a Warehouse Inventory +object recognition, signal processing, feature selection, unsupervised clustering, large scale many class classification, data mining.  +
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