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Data mining for fault diagnostics in cyberphysical systems +Machine learning, research preparatory, supervised learning, text data mining.  +
Data sharing and 3D coordination control between couple of mobile robots and a drone +coordination control, mapping,  +
Deep Recurrent Networks for Machine Prognostics +Recurrent Neural Networks, time series forecasting, supervised learning, Prognostics and Health Management, fault detection  +
Deep stacked ensemble +Deep learning, Staked ensemble, Statistics  +
Detecting Faults and Estimating Missing Values in Smart Meter Data +data mining, smart meter data  +
Detecting Points of Interest for Robotic First Aid +Robot, First Aid, Visual Recognition  +
Detecting changes in causal relations +Causal network, change detection, stream mining  +
Detecting different types of machines based on usage +Data Mining. Data representation  +
Detection and intention prediction of pedestrians in zebra crossings +Deep Learning, pedestrian detection, facial analysis  +
Detection of smart cars cyber attacks +Smart vehicles, Cloud security, Change-point detection, Machine learning, Performance measures  +
Development of surveillance methods for sterilizers +Data Mining  +
Dynamic Objects Detection and Tracking +3D Sensor, Point Cloud, Obstacle Detection, Obstacle Tracking, Obstacle Avoidance.  +


Electrical stimulator design and development +electrical stimulator, modulation  +
Embedding DNN models on mobile robots for object detection +Mobile robots, Transfer Learning, Object Detection  +
Embeded wearable sensors application at the HINT +Sensors, Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT), Linux  +
Emergency vehicle movement prediction +Smart city, cloud computing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data mining  +
Ethical hacking of car-cloud communication +cybersecurity,attacks  +
Exploring, modelling and optimization of home care regions +Computational Intelligence, Spatio-Temporal modelling, Clustering, Regression Analysis, Decision Trees, Heteregoenous Data Analysis.  +


FirstResponse +Image analysis, camera, mobile robot, falls, human-robot interaction, emergency response  +
Forklift Trucks Usage Analysis +Data Mining, Sequence modelling, Representation learning, Activity recognition, Time-series data  +


Gait analysis using wearable sensors in Parkinson's disease +Signal processing, Machine Learning, Parkinson's disease  +


Human Motion Analysis using Inertial Sensors +inertial sensors, gait  +


Improved networks for cloud-car communication +Generative Adverserial Network, realtime communication, reliability, security, CAN bus technology  +
Intelligible patient representation for outcome prediction of congestive heart failure patients +Machine Learning, Feature Engineering, Medical data analysis  +
Interactive Anomaly Detection +Interactive Anomaly Detection, Deviation Detection, Streaming Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning  +
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