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'''Publication list''' in Google Scholar: click [https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=o6B_JIUAAAAJ&hl here]
'''Publication list''' in Google Scholar: click [https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=o6B_JIUAAAAJ&hl here]
'''Publication list''' (categorized) in a pdf file: click [http://islab.hh.se/mediawiki/images/9/94/Appendix_C_FALONSO_pubs.pdf here]
'''Publication list''' (categorized) in a pdf file: click [http://islab.hh.se/mediawiki/images/9/94/Appendix_C_FALONSO_pubs.pdf here] (latest update: August 2015)
<!--The following is a list of publications which is retrieved automatically from our library server. While I do my best to keep my publications updated in our library server, I have no control on how they are retrieved here. Therefore, I recommend you to download the pdf list above instead. -->
<!--{{PublicationsList}} -->

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Fernando Alonso-Fernandez

Fernando Alonso-Fernandez, Associate Professor, PhD

Family Name: Alonso-Fernandez
Given Name: Fernando
Role: Associate Professor
Title: PhD
Subject: Signal Analysis
Email: feralo@hh.se
Phone: +46-35-167304
Cell Phone: 

Subject areas: Signal Analysis
Application areas: Biometrics

Projects: Facial Detection and Recognition Resilient to Physical Image Deformations

Teaching: PhD course on Multiscale and Multidimensional Analysis

Resources: Database of Iris Segmentation Ground Truth

Publication list in Google Scholar: click here

Publication list (categorized) in a pdf file: click here (latest update: August 2015)