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|ApplicationArea=Intelligent Vehicles
|ApplicationArea=Intelligent Vehicles

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Automatic Inventory and Mapping of Stock

Project start:
1 January 2012
Project end:
1 January 2016
More info (PDF):
Björn Åstrand
Application Area:
Intelligent Vehicles

Involved internal personnel
Involved external personnel
Involved partners


The state of the art in autonomous robotics has advanced sufficiently that open implementations of many core technologies are now readily available. Consequently, there is growing research on the design and development of innovative solutions that leverage insights from several specialist domains. The AIMS project lies in this category. Its goal is to develop a system that seamlessly combines inventory management with autonomous forklift trucks in intelligent warehouses. Information compatible with human operators, management systems, as well as mobile robots is of particular importance here. A rich and "live" map combining metric and semantic information is a crucial ingredient for effective management of logistics and inventory, especially for autonomous fleets working in the same space as humans and human-operated devices.