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Welcome to the personal pages of Stefan M. Karlsson.

Stefan Karlsson, PhD in image analysis/computer vision

Contents here are building up.

- Open Source Tutorial for real-time optical flow V:1.053(October, 2016). This is for Matlab 2010a or later(verified on 2016a).

 1) runMe.m,  (use arrow keys to interact)
 2) OpticalFlowTutorialPart1.pdf.

It is part 1 of a planned series of 3, where we start with local methods, and will build ourselves upward.

- Open Source for real-time optical flow calculation V:0.92b(March 24th, 2013). This is for Matlab 2010a or later. Precompiled binaries are available for 32bit and 64bit windows, and 64bit MAC/unix/linux. For other systems, use the "make.m" utility in folder "c-code".

- Motion Analysis, optical flow

- Motion Stimulus, aka artwork with spiral motions

- Visual Articulary analysis by optical flow

Small guide on how to setup: OpenCV 2.4.3, 64 bit, TBB support with MS visual studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Macros for Matlab mex interfacing with video tutorial