Student projects/Master thesis instructions


Example Thesis

Old example of a thesis, before the new templates below. It gives a good idea of the amount and outline of a thesis report, but NOT style and appearance (see below for templates).

Thesis Templates

We currently have one official Template for word. Some are engaged in making an official LaTex template as well, but until then we gather here LaTex templates that have been circulating. At the moment, only one is gathered.

Official MS Word template (English preferred)

MS Word template swedish (not preferred)

Inofficial LaTex templates

KTH based template

To use LaTex Templates that are not official, visually inspect the word template above. You will want them to look as similar as possible. For the front page (and possibly other pages) you can convert the correct looking word pages to pdf documents and use a merging tool with the pdfs that come from LaTex (there are free online tools available).

Interaction with your Supervisor

The usage of titles and honorifics in Sweden is not common. No swedish supervisor will be insulted if you use his/her name directly. No supervisor will be insulted if you use honorifics either, but most prefer their first names being used. If it makes a student feel at ease to huse honorifics, it will not be looked down upon or in any way hinder the work.

Requirements for Masters degree

To achieve a Masters degree in Sweden it is required that a student: (this is an inofficial translation from Swedish government directions)

Knowledge and understanding

- Demonstrates knowledge and understanding in his/her main field of study, including both broad knowledge in the field and substantially deeper knowledge of certain parts of the area and a deeper insight into current research and development, and

- Demonstrate deeper methodological knowledge in his/her main field of study.

Skills and ability

- Demonstrate an ability to critically and systematically integrate knowledge and to analyze, assess and deal with complex phenomena, issues and situations, even with limited information,

- Demonstrate an ability to critically, independently and creatively identify and formulate issues and to plan and to carry them out within specified time frames, thereby contributing to the development of knowledge and to evaluate this work;

- Demonstrate an ability to both nationally and internationally, orally and in writing, clearly present and discuss his/her conclusions and the knowledge and arguments behind them, in dialogue with different groups, and

- Demonstrate the skills required to participate in research and development work or to work independently in other advanced contexts.

Values and attitude

- Demonstrate an ability in the main field of study to make judgments with regard to relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects, and demonstrate an awareness of ethical aspects of research and development,

- Demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations of science, its role in society and the responsibility for its use, and

- Demonstrate an ability to identify the need for further knowledge and to take responsibility for their knowledge.

Most of these aspects should be demonstrated in the master thesis report (including the oral presentation and defense at the end of the thesis work). In bold face are aspects that definitely should be demonstrated (and documented) during the course of the thesis work.


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General advice

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