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Virgilijus Uloza
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Publications:A kernel-based approach to categorizing laryngeal images + , Publications:Advances in laryngeal imaging + , Publications:Categorizing Normal and Pathological Voices : Automated and Perceptual Categorization + , Publications:Categorizing sequences of laryngeal data for decision support + , Publications:Combined Use of Standard and Throat Microphones for Measurement of Acoustic Voice Parameters and Voice Categorization + , Publications:Combining image, voice, and the patient's questionnaire data to categorize laryngeal disorders + , Publications:Comparing Throat and Acoustic Microphones for Laryngeal Pathology Detection from Human Voice + , Publications:Data dependent random forest applied to screening for laryngeal disorders through analysis of sustained phonation : Acoustic versus contact microphone + , Publications:Exploiting image, voice, and patient's questionnaire data for screening laryngeal disorders + , Publications:Exploiting image, voice, and patient's questionnaire for screening laryngeal disorders + , Publications:Exploring similarity-based classification of larynx disorders from human voice + , Publications:Exploring sustained phonation recorded with acoustic and contact microphones to screen for laryngeal disorders + , Publications:Exploring the feasibility of smart phone microphone for measurement of acoustic voice parameters and voice pathology screening + , Publications:Fusing Various Audio Feature Sets for Detection of Parkinson's Disease from Sustained Voice and Speech Recordings + , Publications:Fusing voice and query data for non-invasive detection of laryngeal disorders + , Publications:Integrating global and local analysis of color, texture and geometrical information for categorizing laryngeal images + , Publications:Intelligent vocal cord image analysis for categorizing laryngeal diseases + , Publications:Monitoring Human Larynx by Random Forests Using Questionnaire Data + , Publications:Multiple feature sets and genetic search based discrimination of pathological voices + , Publications:Multiple feature sets based categorization of laryngeal images + ‚Ķ Author


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