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Kerstin Malmqvist
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Publications:A New method for colour measurements in graphic arts + , Publications:A multi-channel adaptive nonlinear filtering structure realizingsome properties of the hearing system + , Publications:A non-linear circuit for simulating OHC of the cochlea + , Publications:Colour classification by neural networks in graphic arts + , Publications:Colour image segmentation by modular neural network + , Publications:Colour speck counter for assessing the dirt level in secondary fibre pulps + , Publications:Combining neural networks, fuzzy sets, and evidence theory based approaches for analysing colour images + , Publications:Combining neural networks, fuzzy sets, and the evidence theory based techniques for detecting colour specks + , Publications:Compression, adaptation and efferent control in a revised outer hair cell functional model + , Publications:Detecting and measuring rings in banknote images + , Publications:Hierarchical neural network for color classification + , Publications:Image analysis and artificial neural network for colour classification in multicolour newspaper printing + , Publications:Increasing colour image segmentation accuracy by means of fuzzy post-processing + , Publications:Learning an Adaptive Dissimilarity Measure for Nearest Neighbour Classification + , Publications:Monitoring the de-inking process through neural network-based colour image analysis + , Publications:Neural modelling and control of the offset printing process + , Publications:Neural networks based colour measuring for process monitoring and control in multicoloured newspaper printing + , Publications:Proceedings : Symposium on image analysis, Halmstad March 7-8, 2000 + , Publications:Quality function for unsupervised classification and its use in graphic arts + , Publications:Selecting features for neural network committees + Author


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