Publications:The Evidence Theory Based Post-Processing of Colour Images


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Title The Evidence Theory Based Post-Processing of Colour Images
Author Marija Bacauskiene and Antanas Verikas
Year 2004
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Informatica (Vilnius)
Diva url
Abstract The problem of post-processing of a classified image is addressed from the point of view of the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence. Each neighbour of a pixel being analyzed is considered as an item of evidence supporting particular hypotheses regarding the class label of that pixel. The strength of support is defined as a function of the degree of uncertainty in class label of the neighbour, and the distance between the neighbour and the pixel being considered. A post-processing window defines the neighbours. Basic belief masses are obtained for each of the neighbours and aggregated according to the rule of orthogonal sum. The final label of the pixel is chosen according to the maximum of the belief function.