Publications:Different Strategies for Transient Control of the Air-Fuel Ratio in a SI Engine


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Title Different Strategies for Transient Control of the Air-Fuel Ratio in a SI Engine
Author Daniel Blomqvist and Stefan Byttner and Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Ulf Holmberg
Year 2000
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication SAE transactions : journal of fuels and lubricants
Conference International Fuels & Lubricants Meeting & Exposition, October 2000, Baltimore, MD, USA, Session: Combustion and Emissions Formation in SI Engines (Part A&B)
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Abstract This paper compares several strategies for air-fuel ratio tran-sient control. The strategies are: A factory-standard look-up table based system (a SAAB Trionic 5), a feedback PI controller with and without feed-forward throttle correction, a linear feed-forward control algorithm, and two nonlinear feed- forward algorithms based on artificial neural networks. The control strategies have been implemented and evaluated in a SAAB 9000 car during a transient driving test, consisting of an acceleration in the second gear from an engine speed of 1500 rpm to 3000 rpm. The best strategies are found to be the neural network based ones, followed by the table based factory system. The two feedback PI controllers offer the poorest performance.