Publications:Colour classification by neural networks in graphic arts


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Title Colour classification by neural networks in graphic arts
Author Antanas Verikas and Kerstin Malmqvist and L. Bergman and M. Signahl
Year 1998
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Neural computing & applications (Print)
Diva url
Abstract This paper presents a hierarchical modular neural network for colour classification in graphic arts, capable of distinguishing among very Similar colour classes. The network performs analysis in a rough to fine fashion, and is able to achieve a high average classification speed and a low classification error. In the rough stage of the analysis, clusters of highly overlapping colour classes are detected Discrimination between such colour classes is performed in the next stage by using additional colour information from the surroundings of the pixel being classified. Committees of networks make decisions in the next stage. Outputs of members of the committees are adaptively fused through the BADD defuzzification strategy or the discrete Choquet fuzzy integral. The structure of the network is automatically established during the training process. Experimental investigations show the capability of the network to distinguish among very similar colour classes that can occur in multicoloured printed pictures. The classification accuracy obtained is sufficient for the network to be used for inspecting the quality of multicoloured prints.