Publications:Biometric identification of mice


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Title Biometric identification of mice
Author Kenneth Nilsson and Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Jens Cameron and Christina Jacobson
Year 2006
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition : Proceedings : 20 - 24 August, 2006, Hong Kong
Conference The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 20 - 24 August, 2006, Hong Kong, China
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Abstract We present a new application area for biometric recognition: the identification of laboratory animals to replace today's invasive methods. Through biometric identification a non invasive identification technique is applied with a code space that is restricted only by the uniqueness of the biometric identifier in use, and with an error rate that is predictable. In this work we present the blood vessel pattern in a mouse-ear as a suitable biometric identifier used for mouse identification. Genuine and impostor score distributions are presented using a total of 50 mice. An EER of 2.5% is reported for images captured at the same instance of time which verifies the distinctive property of the biometric identifier.