Protecting bikers in traffic by computer vision

Title Protecting bikers in traffic by computer vision
Summary Protecting bikers in traffic by computer vision
Prerequisites Image Analysis
Author Josef Bigun
Supervisor Josef Bigun
Level Master
Status Open

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Goal: To design and implement the visual processing of an early warning system to motor vehicles enabling biker protection in traffic.

The work includes automatic analysis of biker images with specially designed reflex patterns such that bikers, their motion intentions, and vehicles motion intentions will be discovered and communicated automatically earlier than current state of the art. The motion intentions will be conveyed by active messaging via spiral patterns and include signaling right/left turns of bikes (to vehicles) and relative position computations, braking of bikes including relative position computations, automatic messaging when intention conflicts arise with vehicle motions. The work includes computer vision software prototyping both on bike, and vehicle/infra-structure site, hardware prototyping of spirals including rotating spirals, but not other hardware proto-typing such as miniaturization, lighting at night, reflex version of labels, etc.