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"TROLL": a regenerating robot +Finished  +


A decision support system for reducing false alarms in ICU +Open  +
ActNormal +Open  +
Activity monitoring for AAL +Finished  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Internal Draft  +
Adaptive warning field system +Finished  +
Analysing Engine Performance based on Vehicle Data +Internal Draft  +
Analysis of Multi-Lingual Vehicle Service Histories +Ongoing  +
Analyzing Human Motion using Inertial Sensors +Open  +
Article Identification for Inventory List in a Warehouse Environment +Ongoing  +
Assistance-seeking strategy for a flying robot during a healthcare emergency response +Finished  +
Automatic Generation of Descriptive Features for Predicting Vehicle Faults +Open  +


BD prediction +Draft  +
Barcode mapping in warehouses +Open  +
Bowling: human motion quantification + ball quantification +Open  +


CACC +Open  +
Chess playing humanoid robot by vision +Open  +
Constrained dynamic path planning for truck and trailer +Finished  +
CoopSim +Open  +
Courteous robot guide for visitors to an intelligent home +Finished  +


Data Mining In a Warehouse Inventory +Open  +
Data mining for fault diagnostics in cyberphysical systems +Open  +
Detecting Faults and Estimating Missing Values in Smart Meter Data +Open  +
Detecting Points of Interest for Robotic First Aid +Finished  +
Detecting different types of machines based on usage +Open  +
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