Positioning of the user at the HINT

Title Positioning of the user at the HINT
Summary The positioning of the user at the Halmstad intelligent home (HINT).
Keywords Digital communication, instrumentation, electronnics
References wireless communication, digital communication
Prerequisites familiarity with digital and wireless communication, experience with circuit design and prototyping
Author Abbas Oand
Supervisor Abbas Orand & Per Sandrum
Level Master
Status Open

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How to position the user at the Halmstad University intelligent home?

The project seeks to find a solution for the positioning of a user at the Halmstad University's intelligent home (HINT). One idea is to use a wearable antenna embedded into the users clothes (into the shoes for example). The researcher needs to study the possible solutions, to design the hardware and software and to develop the final solution. This is an assistive device that can be used for patients suffering from Dementia, for example, to identify their activities and to help them with their daily activity of living. The result will be tested at the HINT.