CAISR Workshop February 2014


CAISR workshop 2014


Sławomir Nowaczyk - ReDi2Service: Remote Diagnostic Tools and Services

Algorithms for self-monitoring vehicles, capable of discovering and describing their own operation, as well as detecting deviations from the norm. Data mining across many data streams available on-board a modern truck or bus. Comparing discovered relations across the whole fleet. Faults and component wear can be discovered early and continuously monitored.

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Iulian Carpatorea - Learning Fleet

Explore factors affecting fuel consumption.

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Stefan Byttner - InnoMerge

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Anita Sant'Anna - Health Technology Application Area

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Anita Sant'Anna - Smart Grids Activities

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Anita Sant'Anna - CAISR Intelligent Environment

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Anna Mikaelyan - Identifying a person more reliably using extended key points information

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Saeed Gholami Shahbandi - AIMS

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Roland Philippsen - Cargo ANTs

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