Albert-Jan Baerveldt


Albert-Jan Baerveldt was born on 4th of May 1963 and passed away on 8th of March 2006.

Journal publications registered in DiVA

Björn Åstrand, Albert-Jan Baerveldt (2005). A vision based row-following system for agricultural field machinery. Mechatronics (Oxford). 15(2), pp. 251-269

Björn Åstrand, Albert-Jan Baerveldt (2003). A mobile robot for mechanical weed control. International Sugar Journal. 105(1250), pp. 89-95

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Björn Åstrand, Albert-Jan Baerveldt (2002). An agricultural mobile robot with vision-based perception for mechanical weed control. Autonomous Robots. 13(1), pp. 21-35

Conference publications registered in DiVA

Albert-Jan Baerveldt, Björn Åstrand (1998). A low-cost colour vision-system for robot design competitions. 6th UK Mechatronics Forum International Conference, Skövde, Sweden, Sept. 09-11, 1998.